MyXray a friendly radiography viewer for the iPad

myxray_icon_blogA new app for those interested to have fun exploring radiographies. Now you can get what doctors get too. []
MyXray is an easy and intuitive app that will let you see your x-ray files as a real doctor. You will be able to get all the details and the extra information that is embedded in x-rays files.

When you take an x-ray the image is saved in a format called DICOM. When you take an x-ray ask your doctor or the radiologist to provide your DICOM file. You can then use MyXray to see that DICOM file. Remember it’s not a normal image. You can’t see it with a common image viewer. DICOM is what doctors and processionals use, and now you can use it too!

What’s the difference with a normal image? Well with a DICOM file you can:

  1. Check the length of your bones, or the area of some organs, isn’t that cool? That information is stored in almost all DICOM files.
  2. Get all the same information doctors get about your x-ray, like when did you take it, your age at the time, what kind of machine they used and so forth.
  3. Change contrast and brightness or even invert colors. The level of detail you can obtain is higher than any printed traditional x-ray. Don’t let the doctor get all the fun, you can get your pro x-ray image too!
  4. Share your x-ray on social media, email or save it in your iPad in a common image format that you can use with other apps or share among your family and friends.
  5. Keep a record of your x-rays.

Now available in the App Store