Who are the people reflected in the water? When I took this picture I was thinking about that, what if things where just reversed, the train going in the opposite direction, the majority of people left-handed, keys closing clockwise. I was in the opposite side of the river that goes with the railroad, in Ichigaya station (市ヶ谷駅). It was december 2011 and it was really cold! I was in my way by walk from Kuramae to Shinjuku. It was a really long walk of about 10Km. I remember that, before reaching the shooting angle for the picture, I stopped in a convenience store to buy some fried chicken and a bottle of tea. I took a rest in that park, it was empty at that time. I remember that I was thinking that it could be problably one of my last photowalks in Tokyo for a long time. I knew I was about to leave Japan after few months. Of course I was sure I would come back. I didn’t know when, and I still don’t know, but I will and I hope it will be soon.

I’m in the other side of that river now. I have train stations, roads, traffic lights and people around in Europe but in some way everything is just the opposite. I still prefer the world from the shooting angle of that picture instead of this one. Like a mirror, I was able to know myself much better because I had to deal with a different culture from the beginning, questioning my own values and behaviors, questioning what was right and wrong. Traveling and living for a long time in a different culture is so important, everybody should do it, and farder away, the better. See you soon in the other side of the mirror :)



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