Water Desalination

I found this link quite interesting. Basically, thanks to nanotechnology this research opens the door to cheap and fast water desalination filters. The most important here is “politics”. I wonder who is going to be really interested in financing or supporting a technology that makes desalination easy, cheap and fast.

We are actually under a huge global water speculation abuse from main water supply companies. Water should be almost free but little by little water is becoming a luxury good, not only in underdeveloped countries but also in “developed” ones.
Pollution and a lack of investment from governments to improve water supply infrastructures help in this water-is-already-a-luxury process.

For example, in Italy, tap water is almost undrinkable. There were better aqueducts infrastructures in roman ancient times than today. So people is so dumb that they see as a normal thing to buy water instead of drinkinf tap one, nobody really complains and things are just getting worse. It should be exactly the opposite. There are cities were tap water is still drinkable and some of them have an amazingly clean tap water, like in Vienna for example.

To avoid this tendency, the only thing common mortals can do is just spread the word about these researches, so they get noticed outside the academic or industrial circles going to mainstream communication channels.

Water Desalination across Nanoporous Graphene