Social Media Day – Tokyo – 2010

Some pictures of the Social Media Day organized at Tokyo on June 30th. At the same time, in many other cities in the world, social media enthusiasts celebrated the upcoming changes that will transform the way we live.
That day represents the continue movement and desire of people to communicate, get in contact, and specially to be free to share information and ideas. It was a long journey, not ended yet, which started from the paintings in primitive carves, moved to the creation of characters, rules of grammar, books, printing machines, radio, tv and now internet. A long journey, better understood as a long war against the powers that always tried to control, silence, stop and put humanity back to darkness. Those powers will never succeed and the prove is here, just right now, that I’m writing whatever I want and you are free to read it or close this page.
Twitter, Facebook, Buzz, Flickr, and many others are just the beginning. Let’s participate in this changes, let’s be protagonists of the causes that will lead the effects for a better environment of free and open communication.

Some pics:

The entire set of pics here