Open Network Lab with Ryan Holmes from HootSuite

It was the first time for me to go to DG (Digital Garage) headquarters and this time it was to participate in an event called “Technical Founders” with Ryan Holmes, (@invoker) CEO of Hootsuite and Shinnichi Fujikawa, founder of Movatwi.
For those of you that don’t know what HootSuite is, if you are a twitter user, I suggest you to visit and create an account to enjoy twitter from a completely new set of options. It’s a must for heavy twitter users. Movatwi is a twitter web site optimized for Japanese mobile phones. It was really interesting to listen to these entrepreneurs and understand the differences between Japanese and western mentality, about how they approach risks and goals.

Ryan Holmes
Ryan Holmes

I went to that meeting to learn something new. I hoped I could learn some new formula, something that will give me the elements to start my own business. Is there a procedure? Something that I should do first? Some ancient book with the secret of success?

At the end, after listening to their experiences, the initial problems they had, some advices and the whole saga… the conclusion was so so simple!

Follow your dream, don’t stop, listen to people with common sense and run away from the negative ones. Adapt, learn, and remember that mistakes are good and let you learn more. Jump!

Well I knew all this before! Yes really, I knew it, well… Everybody knows, that’s what everybody say, but sometimes we refuse to follow simple things. We want to find something else, something special that will give us those secret elements to find the right path. Sorry but there is no such formula. Infinite paths could be chosen to reach the same point. How you do your own path, will determine a failure or a success. Of course you need investors and angels but as Ryan said, negative responses from one of the investors gave him the elements to approach the next one in a better way. It’s a learning process. Thus, you have to be ready to learn.

Pick up a book about “how to start-up” and just do it. But before you take any step, please, stop and think that you need 100% of self motivation. A 50% of your brain saying yes, the other 50% saying maybe and some spiritual part saying $#%&((!! is not enough. You will find the time, the resources, the advices while you are doing the path, but you need the determination to be sure what you want, and you will walk through it.

Derek Arnwine
My good friend and fantastic photographer, Derek Arnwine

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  1. Aunque hace algún tiempo que estoy trabajando por mi cuenta, hace unos meses decidí dar un cambio a mi línea de negocio, lo que hacía antes me daba para vivir, pero no estaba contento, había algo que me faltaba, ahora me estoy dedicando a lo que realmente me gusta y aunque estoy trabajando más horas que nunca para ganar menos dinero, disfruto de cada minuto de trabajo y empiezo a ver los resultados, ha habido momentos en los que he pensado ¿que estoy haciendo? ¿Porque no he seguido con la tranquilidad de un sueldo fijo? y entonces recuerdo el antes y veo el ahora, de acuerdo, trabajo más y gano menos (a veces), no tengo la seguridad de un dinero fijo a fin de mes, pero no lo cambio, estoy haciendo lo que de verdad me gusta y eso no está pagado con nada.Las conclusiones son las mimas, sigo mi sueño, no paro, de la gente que me dice cosas negativas intento ver porque la dicen para no caer en lo mismo y de lo positivo intento aprender para seguir por esa línea.Con mi experiencia solo te puedo decir una cosa, lánzate!!, no va a ser un comino de rosas, eso te lo digo ya, habrá momentos duros, momentos en los que te podrás arrepentir (los menos) pero, al menos para mi, las ventajas superan los inconvenientes.

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