Seijin Shiki + Dannychoo + a day in Shibuya

Coming of Age Day (成人の日) is a celebration for young ladies and gentlemen, for the day that they become “adults”. Many cultures in the world have similar celebrations and Japan as well. It was nice to see all those young ladies with their kimono :)

That day, my friend Danny Choo took the occasion to organize a meetup for a photoshot of the girls and then a photowalk around Shibuya

Past and Present

Tokyo Stormtrooper

Seijin Shiku

They are already 20 and supposedly adults. How many things do they already know about life?

Danny Choo

Do you notice something unusual? There is a Storm trooper in the ceremony! ^^;

Mac and Dannychoo

The Mac store in Shibuya is trying to sell iPhones to Stormtroopers as well.

Sibuya Angels

Danny with two Guardian Angels in Shibuya.

Flying Chair

There was also a small show. I like the gear in the picture on the left. It’s a flying camera :)
It was hard to catch the chair, I missed the first one and then I did as much as I could to be ready to catch the second one.

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