Canon G11 Review and Pictures

I want to introduce you this piece of tech art called Canon PowerShot G11.
It’s a wonderful compact camera, ready to use at any moment. It’s the perfect choice for pro and amateur who don’t want to carry on a big DSRL.

The main advantages I find in this camera are the size, the low weight and the great functionality in such a small thing. It has the right size, not too big not too small. The weight is enough to keep the camera steady.

Canon G11

The 10.0 Megapixel CCD sensor is enough. I don’t want more Megapixels for a compact camera. The reduction of Mp in the G11 improved the light sensitivity compared to the previous model, the Canon G10 that was equipped with a 14.7Mp sensor.

Canon G11

The 5x wide-angle (28-140mm equivalent) zoom lens with optical image stabilizer really works in any situation. I shot at 1/20 sec and the image got quite well stabilized, almost no blurred. The only thing I miss is the possibility to create huge bokeh as I’m used to with lenses of 1.4F or 1.8F/stops.

I don’t care too much about the LCD screen. It has a 2.8” tilt/swivel LCD (461k dot resolution) It’s really enough to check the results. Compared to the G10 model, Canon made the LCD movable and this makes life a lot easier specially because this concept matches with the idea of a “combat field” compact camera. It’s perfect to catch moments and don’t get noticed, like this:

Canon G11
Metro Sleep

I never used RAW image recording for compact cameras. In this case I have to think twice due to the quality. In good conditions the G11 can match the same quality as many DSRL where a RAW format makes more sense for post processing. Also the decrease in price of the storage, makes it easy to save in RAW.

For those that don’t want to think too much about the controls, the G11 have 26 shooting modes with manual control and custom settings to match almost any situation. Anyway all controls can be set manually becoming a good choice also for pro or advance amateur photographers.

The video quality didn’t change too much from its predecessor the G10, VGA movies, 30fps. Just be careful with the memory card. If it’s a normal slow one, the video gets some delays creating some jumps like in this one:

It also has a great while balance control. Specially I love the on site average white balance calculations. It determines pretty well the real colors in hard situations.

Canon G11 White Balance

Personally I don’t like the strap it comes with. It’s too small and the camera weight is not enough to make the strap steady around your neck. So I prefer to use a hand-strap that also gives me the versatility to hide the camera easily in my bag or in my pockect, in situations where photographers are not welcomed :)

Canon G11 One Hand Strap

It has two memory banks you can select. For example, create a configuration in the menu and then save it in one of the two memories, C1 or C2. Every time you switch to one of those, the settings will be automatically set. I use it to have a black and white configuration, so anytime I need it, I don’t have to waste time looking through the menu settings. I just set the C1 memory and that’s it.

The optical view finder is useless, but sometimes I use it because I’m used to DSRL cameras more than compact ones. It does not represent the real view and there are no indicators inside. The viewfinder do not reflect the input from the lens as well, it’s just a glass that provides some approximate references about what we are going to shot.

The Macro is pretty good, in fact is one of the best things of this camera. See some examples:


The battery is powerful enough to stay one entire day of non-stop-shooting.

You can find this cameras for a reasonable price at Amazon and if you live in Japan don’t forget to check

Did you tried this camera already?
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