Dead in Yamanote Line

Last week I was with some friends directed to Oosaki. Our train stopped at Ebisu and in that moment we heard the klaxon of the train in the opposite side, looked at it and saw all the front glass destroyed.


We got out from the train, to see what happened. I thought it was an accident but in my mind I didn’t have any clear idea of what was really happening that night.
A man jumped, destroying the glass and then got rolled by the train.

After some minutes the police arrived and people concentrated at the point the body rested. Nobody could see the body. It was under the train, it was dark and I didn’t try to go there, I just didn’t want to see that.

Then the police put up a big green plastic wall to hide the extraction process of the body. The people in the train was evacuated, lights turned off and it took almost 20 minutes to take it away and clean.
Then they tried to transport the body using the elevator but it was impossible because the body was distributed in two stretchers. So they decided to go downstairs. In that moment I could see from the upper flour what was hidden by the green plastic… Two stretchers with the rests of the body covered by white sheets.


JR services was incredibly quick. After 30 minutes the service was re-established, but I think that the people that witnessed that will never forget it.


It’s too sad to see how someone destroy his life in that way. There are so many things to do instead of that, as for example help people in poor countries. That is a risky job, life could be lost doing that, but for a better cause, not just under tons of iron…