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Yamanote line song

This is a funny song made with stations name. More info about Yamanote Line.

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Tokyo Timescape

Beautiful time-lapse video of Tokyo. I specially like the different approach from other timelapses that I saw until now. The mirror effect, the different cameras used and the non conventional view points. It’s really amazing, ++++ Enjoy it! Tokyo Timescape … Continue reading

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Java Life

I used to do this kind of life for some time, not only in Java, almost for everything. Now my cubicle is my home. Anyway really funny video:

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Ansel Adams Post-processing & darkroom

Interesting video about the master Ansel Adams darkroom techniques. As you can see in the video, he used to modify and improve his photographs using handmade techniques invented by himself. He was Photoshopping his pictures when computers were not capable … Continue reading

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Tokyo time lapse video’s collection

Here is a collection of videos of Tokyo using the Time Lapse technique. It makes the time move faster, showing a new reality around[...] Continue reading

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Nikon Festival Contest

Explain your day in 140 seconds! Take part into this Nikon Contest, creating a video about your daily life in only 140 seconds or[...] Continue reading

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