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If you are in Tokyo I recommend to follow this path.
Get out at Kudanshita station, exit 2 and walk all the road down to Jimboucho to find tons and tons of old books. Even if you don’t understand Japanese, it’s very interesting to see the atmosphere in there. Then you’ll find streets dedicated to sports, then streets of music and finally you will be in Akihabara, the geek kingdom.

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Massive construction work at Iidabashi

It’s quite usual in Tokyo to see a building in some place, and after one week or less it just disappeared and after some months, you come back to the same place and you see a new building. Tokyo’s shape changes really quickly, but what I saw today was beyond what I’m used to see. At least in my 5 years living here.

As you can see in the map, the blue area has been completely demolished. Hundred of apartments and tens of buildings just removed. I don’t know what they are building there, but just imagine the process to move all those people and companies away from there.

Map here.

Look at that! The blue zone has been completely demolished…

Some pictures of the current construction work. Any ideas of what are they building there?

Small power

Small, old and crappy building in Kachidoki close to a big and modern one.
Maybe the owner didn’t want to sell the portion of soil where it was built. I wonder if the architects had to design the building to “avoid” that portion.

The aerial view thanks to Google Maps