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Asakusa Waterfall with ND filter

Picture made with a Canon G11, a point-and-shoot camera, using a small tripod and the incorporated ND filter. You need an ND filter to get this motion blur effect on water during day light. It just reduces the amount of light coming to the film/sensor. Don’t confuse it with the f-stop. In fact as a parameter to measure the “darkness” of the filter, an equivalent f-stop value is used but the purpose is to indicate the reduction in the amount of light and it doesn’t produce any other effects related to the depth of field.


Picture made at Asakusa Temple. There is a small waterfall, just go and look for it by yourself :)

Asakusa small waterfall

Point and Shoot Camera – Angles

A Point and Shoot camera can give you much more perspective than a conventional DSLR. It’s easy to fit it in almost any position and its small size lets you find always a hole or angle to shoot. Usually, a photo-walk with only DSLR or Point & Shoot is completely different.

This is a common bridge (I don’t want to imagine to cover the same angles with a DSLR). So, think it twice before leaving home. Do you want to walk long distances in a urban environment, carrying almost no weight and shoot from unusual angles? Take a point-and-shoot (P&S) and leave the DSLR at home. The only thing I miss when carrying a P&S is the lack in speed to catch a moment. Usually they are quite slow to focus and to set.