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Gundam and pixelmator

This was my last visit to the Gundam located in Odaiba (Tokyo) I don’t know what they are going to do with it.
Maybe they will destroy it or send it to some recycle process? Personally I would love if they left it there, only two months…
It could become like a symbol, something that people can visit over and over again, a place where geeks and otakus will love to go for a picnic, to drink beer at night or just to try to find some moral and spiritual support in a difficult moment of life. Just imagine, it could become like an object of cult and devotion… Well I’m going too far away with this…

These are the latest pics I took to it and they got modified with Pixelmator.
I will talk about this wonderful application. Of course it’s not at the same level as photoshop but it’s really powerful for a reasonable price. I just applied a simple filter after post process it in Lightroom