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How to make a powerful and cheap macro part 2

Well it was quite a time since I posted the How to make a powerful and cheap macro , a post showing how my friend Pepe created a simple and cheap macro.
I was thinking about the possibility to change this process. Actually reversing the lens has two inconvenients:

1. We cannot control the aperture (f-stop) using the camera controls and
2. we cannot control the focus mechanism.

The way I found to make it (this is not my discovering, I’m sure someone else has already noticed this) is a little more intrusive with the lens. You actually have to dedicate a lens for this only purpose, so please don’t do it with expensive ones. I bought this one as a junk lens for 1000 yen, that is around 6 euros. The interesting part is that you can control the aperture directly with camera controls, which is a really convenient thing, believe me!

Buy a normal and inexpensive wide angle lens. For example using this Nikkor 18-55mm. The wider the lens is, the closer you can shot.

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How to make a powerful and cheap macro

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When I went to Granada with my good friend Pepe he showed me his hand-made macro lens. It was incredible the good quality and the huge macro than can be obtained with this technique. It requires a little bit of hand art skills and patience, but the results are really interesting:


Pepe taking a picture of a tiny piece of bread on the table.

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