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Searching for models in Tokyo area (beginner, amateur or professional)

I’m looking for models in Tokyo area, for my portfolio.


I’m looking for beginners or amateur models that would love to pose in front of a camera. Age (+18), Ethnicity, Language and Gender are not a problem. Professionals are also welcome but please read about the payment and benefits at the end.
If you want to learn how to pose or you want to get used to be in front of a camera, I will love to help you in this process as well.

What kind of photography?

I’m not fixed with a concrete style. I like creativity and I love to hear from you, about your ideas as well. This is not a lonely-photographer game. This is a team work, the photographer and the model are a combo, that work together to express in the photography their feelings and their creativity. If you desire to play a particular role, to dress in a particular way or if you always dreamed about posing for a concrete kind of pictures, just let me know. I will love to listen about your project and work together to achieve it.
If you lack of ideas, don’t worry I have a lot of them :)
The kind of photography I’m looking for is:

  • Portraits
  • Fashion
  • Make up
  • Urban
  • Cosplay
  • Art nude (Check details at the end of this post)


Paul Papadimitriou Yang Yang Yang Yang No gravity Cabaret

Akina Masque Rouge


Payment and benefits

I prefer to avoid to use money, so I won’t pay you with money. Anyway I don’t discard this possibility, so drop me a line and let’s discuss about this.

I’m actually asking for a collaboration where we both have a benefit.

Common benefits and agreements:

  • I will give you the pictures, printed or in a CD or any other medium that you prefer. Of course in full resolution. This is also called: TFCD/P (time for CD/Print)
  • The pictures will have a small watermark, linking to this site in the bottom.
  • You are totally free to use those pictures for your own book, blog, web site, whatever.
  • In a normal photoshot I can shot hundreds of pictures. I will reserve to myself the right to choose and edit the final ones that I will deliver to you. I never upload full resolution pictures in this web site but of course I will give you the full resolution ones in the CD.
  • If you have a blog or online book, I will link you from this blog helping you to promote your name and your site. I’ll do this from this blog, from flickr, from twitter and from facebook.
  • I we do a good job, I will recommend you to other photographers that are interested in finding models.
  • We can also be friends :-)
  • If you want to learn how to pose and get used to be in front of a camera, I will help you in this process.
  • You have to agree that your pictures will be posted in this web site and my portfolio.

Art nude details

Models have to be more than 18 years old.
Only females, sorry guys…
For nude photography I focus only in the artistic aspect.

You can contact me in many ways:

Drop me a comment and fill the e-mail text field, it won’t be shown in the site