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Devobots available in the App Store!!!

Finally DevoBots is ready for sale in the App Store. Download it here!!

DevoBots App Store

DevoBots is a robot builder and a music synthesizer featuring unreleased Devo music & sounds from their archives. DEVO is an American New Wave band formed in 1972 and since then it has maintained a cult following throughout its existence. It’s not only for DEVO fans, it’s also a nice toy for adults and children, allowing you to create a huge number of robots accompanied with electronic loops recorded back in the 80’s with analog synthesizers.  Continue reading

Confidential Party Shibuya (July)

Some pictures of the confidential party at Tangerine club, last Saturday.
I went there to listen to my friend Marco as a DJ that night. He is trying to introduce Trance music in Japan.
It was a nice party and a good moment to take pictures in a really hard environment. Taking pictures in concerts and clubbing with low light conditions and people moving all around is not an easy task but it’s really funny :)