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Slightly open


Slightly open, it makes the whole difference. A slightly open mouth represents so many things. Is she about to speak, to tell something nice, something wrong? Or is she just about to say something but at the last minute she thought it twice? Or it’s just the prelude for a kiss or something else? It’s up to you, it’s up to me, it’s up to her, it’s imagination, pure fantasy. Whatever it could be, that slightly open mouth means so many things and changes the whole portrait completely. I like to look at it, in direct eye line and I can’t avoid moving down to see her mouth. Maybe that’s why a picture is worth a thousand words.

She prefers to remain anonymous.

Bigger resolution picture in Flickr

A girl in the beach

girlbeach01 girlbeach02

I don’t know her. I think she was french, based on what I was able to hear from the distance. The city was Barcelona, in winter. I just had a 35mm lens, so I couldn’t get closer, anyway I think it was safer not to get so close. Fortunately, in Europe, despite so many centuries of sexual repression due irrational religious views, it didn’t completely defeat common sense, so we can see girls, freely taking a bath in topless and nobody cares. Her husband was sitting on the sand with their kid. I admire her resistance, in winter, taking a bath…

What I like of this picture is that there is no way to know if it’s in winter or summer. Sometimes it’s just a point of view :)