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Super Takumar 55mm Pentax lens

The Takumar is the name of a wonderful lens, that the previously Asahi Optical and now Pentax, gave to its lenses.

I bought one for 3000 yen ($33) in a shop in Akihabara (Techno district of Tokyo) that sells junk stuff. The glass is in perfect conditions and the big aperture plus the good ISO performance of the Pentax K-X makes a good combination for nocturne urban photography.


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Pentax K-X review

Pentax really shocked me this time. I’m really happy with this camera, it’s amazing, indeed. I would have never imagined that for such a cheap price I could have such a great camera. Of course it has bad things too, but almost none of those “bad” things have a direct impact to the final results, that, by the way, is the most important thing! :)

This is not a pro camera, it’s an entry level one. But to be honest, you can have the same performance as many pro equipments. This camera has really full set of options, a big manual to read and a really huge menu to configure almost anything. BUT the great thing is that Pentax K-X has options for people that don’t know anything about photography as well. It’s possible to use it in automatic and never enter in the menu. This is a great thing and a big challenge at the same time: “How to make a camera that will make a pro feel comfortable and an amateur feel that an DSRL is not hard to use.”

Before introducing the details, here you have a quick description.

Good: Pentax K-X is good for night photography, it has a wonderful ISO competitive with high end pro cameras. It’s fast to focus, is light and easy to carry. It has a nice design, it takes the advantage of doing video with a DSRL, it’s compatible with almost all Pentax lenses, even the very old ones. It’s completely configurable and, at the same time, extremely easy to use. It’s good for pro and amateur. It has a really good price!!

Bad: It’s noisy, the plastic is good, strong but cheap. The menu design is ugly but at least really functional. It lacks of video and HDMI output.

Pentax k-x

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How to make a powerful and cheap macro part 2

Well it was quite a time since I posted the How to make a powerful and cheap macro , a post showing how my friend Pepe created a simple and cheap macro.
I was thinking about the possibility to change this process. Actually reversing the lens has two inconvenients:

1. We cannot control the aperture (f-stop) using the camera controls and
2. we cannot control the focus mechanism.

The way I found to make it (this is not my discovering, I’m sure someone else has already noticed this) is a little more intrusive with the lens. You actually have to dedicate a lens for this only purpose, so please don’t do it with expensive ones. I bought this one as a junk lens for 1000 yen, that is around 6 euros. The interesting part is that you can control the aperture directly with camera controls, which is a really convenient thing, believe me!

Buy a normal and inexpensive wide angle lens. For example using this Nikkor 18-55mm. The wider the lens is, the closer you can shot.

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