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iPhone photography, why so popular?

Let’s put this clear. The camera in the iPhone is a crap! There is no doubt about that. And because of that, iPhone photography is getting more and more popular.
It’s all about effort. Humans feels better when they reach some point after some effort and suffering. Effort implies some kind of sufferance and this adds some value to the final result.
Usually the most admirable and incredible creations have been accomplished with the poorest and the most primitive tools. Just look at the huge art master pieces of the past. The artist didn’t have the resources, neither the technology. But after dedication and effort the final result lasted forever.

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iPhone overview compared to Japanese mobile phones, get into social networking

iPhone Overview

Two weeks ago I got my first iPhone. I have to admit that I was a little bit reluctant to buy it, just because I thought that it would have almost no particular advantage compared to other phones I used here in Japan. Actually Japanese phones are really useful for many daily life tasks related to local services here, but if you are not a user of those services, the phone becomes just a voice and an email communication tool with poor internet capabilities.

I had a traditional phone from Softbank. It was a really cheap phone. I wanted something cheap because I already knew that I won’t use many of the services this mobile offered me, like TV integrated in the phone (I don’t watch TV, I prefer to download the content that I want), use the phone as a rechargeable card to pay the train, at convenient stores and many options I really never use.

So after bringing my phone a couple of times to get repaired (don’t buy the cheapest one at the end it’s a headache) I decided to buy something that will not only let me communicate but meta-communicate, I mean, twitter, facebook, full internet access, install applications, music, videos, everything! Well after thinking about it, many people suggested me to buy one of those enormous phones provided by AU or Docomo with thousands of functionalities, but again, I didn’t find what I was really looking for. I wanted to be social, to get really connected to a community and to get localized anywhere. I wanted a Web2.0 mobile device, get social!!

So first let’s start this personal review, with the disadvantages of the iPhone:

  1. The battery is a crap! For me it doesn’t survive the whole day so I always bring a cable with me and plug it in my office. There are several solutions for this, from external batteries like: Kensington Battery Pack, 3GJuice Black 2.0, Giessbach External Backup or iPod and iPhone Battery Backup. There are also covers: “Portable Power Station” that protect it and give and extra charge as well.
  2. It’s delicate and it’s easy to escape from your hands. So I always have to be really careful to keep it secure. Some covers will help to handle and protect it as well
  3. It is a little more expensive compared to other phones
  4. The camera is still a crap. I understand that for that space and for that tiny lens the actual camera maybe is surpassing the frontier of the physical laws of the Universe! Ok, but the final result is still a crap… The fact that the camera is a crap, doesn’t mean that great photos cannot be done with it. Remember, the merit does not reside in the equipment, it’s the photographer!
  5. It lacks of specifically support for local services that exist here in Japan.

The advantages and why finally I love this phone!

  1. It is full connected. Wireless, Bluetooth, 3G
  2. The touch screen is just amazing. I feel that I’m touching air; it’s just refreshment anytime I move the icons and operate it. Smooth, fast, it’s so natural.
  3. There are TONS of applications to do almost anything
  4. I can develop easily my own applications.
  5. It is a full social phone! I can get connected to twitter, facebook, flickr, mixi, tumbrl and many more. This is of an incalculable value for me. It helps me to get full connectivity with my social network anytime, everywhere and it lets me be update all my email accounts and sync them with google calendar as well.
  6. It is my ipod as well, video and music. All the multimedia I wanted and it’s a camera and video recorder too. I prefer the video quality than the camera one. I hope in a future the quality of the camera gets improved a little bit.
  7. The speakers are amazing!!
  8. Full localization system incorporated and perfectly integrated with Google maps. I never get lost and tons of applications integrate this as well to provide an improved experience to find bars, shops, restaurants, anything.
  9. The screen resolution and quality is superb. I use it to show my photographic work to people. It perfectly renders color and lights. I don’t need those portable image browsers anymore.
  10. Finally the design! It’s nice and elegant.
  11. These are the reasons that actually make me never regret the decision to take an iPhone. I was really exceptic to this but after one week using it; I cannot live without a device like this. I know that many of the advantages that I cited exist from vendors like Nokia and many others but in Japan the mobile market is a little bit closed to their own products. It was hard to find something different from the local companies. Fortunately iPhone is breaking that wall a little bit and hopefully it will help to change the monochromatic face of the actual mobile market.