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How “official iphone unlock” ignored me (officialiphoneunlock.co.uk)

[UPDATE 2014/08/26] I was contacted by dalpay.com which seems to be the company used by officialiphoneunlock.co.uk to manage the payments. They reviewed my case and decided to refund the payment. Now I’m in peace with officialiphoneunlock but I would like … Continue reading

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Photographers Rights Indiegogo campaign last days

More than one month ago I started an indiegogo campaign for Photographers Rights. Just 5 days left and the results are really bad. This is a niche app, it’s useful and I think it’s important for a photographer to have … Continue reading

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Photographers Rights Indiegogo Campaign!

I started an indiegogo campaign to improve Photographers Rights App! Check it out here and please share this so we can reach the goal! :) Android version, English proof reading, iPad version and more! Thanks for your support!!

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How to distribute Ad-Hoc Apps Xcode 4.3.2

If you want other people to test your app before releasing it in the app store, you can use the Ad-Hoc distribution system. It’s not well documented but it’s very easy to setup. Your beta testers and clients will be … Continue reading

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iPhone apps for photography review

Photography with the iPhone relays on two important pillars: the Photographer and the Applications. Taking pictures with an iPhone could be fun or painful. To enjoy the possibilities that this device brings to us Continue reading

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iPhone photography, why so popular?

Why iPhone photography is getting so popular? The iPhone camera is a crap, but it calls back for creativity with simple tools. Let’s go back and see[...] Continue reading

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iPhone overview compared to Japanese mobile phones, get into social networking

Two weeks ago I got my first iPhone. I have to admit that I was a little bit reluctant to buy it, just because I thought that it would have almost no particular advantage compared to other phones I used … Continue reading

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