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DICOM IR a DICOM viewer for the iPad

I’m really excited to announce that my new app DICOM IR is now available on the App Store. DICOM is a standard for handling, storing, printing, and transmitting information in medical imaging. The main target for this app are doctors interested to have a DICOM viewer at hand to see a patient radiography. This is not just an image viewer. DICOM IR can access images locally from emails, Dropbox or web links and also it can connect to a PACS server which acts as a DICOM repository.

DICOM is a standard that provides information like patient name, patient ID, age, modality and much more. DICOM IR can also be used by patients which have access to their DICOM files.

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iPad Lego stand

I was checking the price for many iPad stands and after comparing models and prices, I couldn’t find the one I liked. So why not making it with Lego? Of course this is not new, but I find it much more convenient than a normal stand. Lego can by disassembled and stored easily. Also you can play with it while not using the stand. Perfect for traveling. You can use it also for many other purposes.

I have to improve it, this is just my first prototype. I did it in about 10 minutes.


– Reduce pieces while keeping or increasing current stability
– Create an assemble/disassemble procedure to quickly mount it.

The New iPad

I got the new iPad last week. I was waiting to get this device mainly to test my apps on it, due its huge resolution. I was a little afraid about the need to resize all my graphics to match the new iPad resolution, but fortunately it scales well and the loss in quality is not a big deal. I can wait to update on a future release.

I read complaining reviews saying that the only improvement is the screen. Some people expected “something else”. I wonder if they understand what’s the meaning of a tablet and mainly all mobile devices. The screen is the device!. The new iPad resolution is a beauty to read on, the quality and definition is far beyond of any monitor I’ve seen before. For photography it’s one of the best screens to appreciate colors, contrast and details. The screen is one of the most important things on a tablet. It even surpasses common desktops and HDTV. This really improves the user experience.

Really cheap DIY iPad stand

Do you have an iPad and a book support? That’s what I had at home. I had one book support that I didn’t use, it cost 100 yen, it’s about 0.9€ or $1.3 then you need something to stick on it so the iPad won’t slide down.

That’s all :-)

iPads used as advertisement screens at Shinjuku St.

Citizen is advertising their products using iPads embedded in the columns near the East exit at Shinjuku station.
Until now, tablets were around the corner but for some reason, the iPad now seems to be the only and first tablet in the world.
I was thinking if this is only good marketing from Apple, but maybe it’s not only that.
What makes this tablet “special” is the fact that it brakes many of the topics surrounding gadgets and computer devices: “They always fail”.
Unfortunately we are so used to the fact that electronic devices, and specially computerized ones will always fail. Maybe that’s due to the fact that Microsoft invaded the world with its “failing = business” policy. Actually the iPad represents a device that groups in one product, good design, reliability, stability, easy of use, nice interface and good performance. It’s not only marketing, this device is really a good product and I hope that other makers think seriously about this. I want some competitors, based on quality not only on marketing.

iPad at shinjuku St.

iPad at shinjuku St.