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Tokyo Good Ideas Salon 2009

Last Tuesday 20th it took place the Tokyo Good Ideas Salon 2009. It was a really interesting event where many forward-thinkers and influencers shared ideas about how to improve our possibilities to make this a better world to live. The event counted with the participation of many smart personalities:

Peter Rojas – Technology Guru, Founder at gdgt, Engadget and Gizmodo
Marc Alt – Green Visionary, Founder at Marc Alt + Partners
Mark Dytham – Creative Catalyst, Partner at Klein Dytham architecture, and Founder of Pecha Kucha
Rie Azuma – Lifestyle Architect, Azuma Architecture
Danny Choo – Japan Sub-Culture Authority, Mirai Inc., dannychoo.com
Hiromi Matsubara – Green Media Activist, Co-founder, Greenz.jp
Piers Fawkes – Trends Expert, Founder at PSFK (moderator)

Tweetup Tokyo 2009

Tonight! It was the Tweetup Tokyo 2009 at Ebisu (Tokyo) near the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography where an exposition of Keizo Kitajima is getting place. A nice and great event with the participation of Biz Stone (@biz) Co-founder of Twitter, Inc. and many people from the internet, blogging and technology community in Tokyo, like my friends Danny Choo (@dannychoo) and Steve Nagata (@stevenagata)^^;
They explained the growth of twitter in Japan, just as a phenomenon compared to other countries, and how it’s influencing the way Japanese interact in internet.

I love this kind of events specially for the great mix of people that you can find there. There are IT guys, artists, photographers, journalists, writers, hard beer drinkers, everything. It’s a mix but it’s creative.

HUOVA Living Art

Last Friday I went to the HUOVA living art event. It was pretty interesting and a lot of cool people were there.
The concept is simple, just a painting in 20 minutes in front of a public. Creating just in the moment, living art is what happened that day.
It was located in Shibuya, the young district of Tokyo in an old and surrealist building.

HOUVA web Page


Doppel ドッペル
Houxo Que ホウコォ キュウ
Mustone マストワン

Some pictures of the event: