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Macro + Screws + Water + Metal (macro lens #3)

More pics about macro. Lately I’m starting to discover a new world, the microworld, the micro universe. Well it’s still not so micro, but anyway from a human point of view, everything that cannot be seen by our primitive eyes do not exist so let’s show those details that are there hidden by small sizes.

So I created a new group on flickr, the Macro Hackers group. Why hackers? Because everything is acceptable to create Macro photography on that group. From hand-made-macros to professional and expensive equipment. The important thing is to use the imagination to catch that part of the small world that escapes from our daily life.

How to make a powerful and cheap macro

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When I went to Granada with my good friend Pepe he showed me his hand-made macro lens. It was incredible the good quality and the huge macro than can be obtained with this technique. It requires a little bit of hand art skills and patience, but the results are really interesting:


Pepe taking a picture of a tiny piece of bread on the table.

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