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Selected as one of the best pictures in 2009 at Flickr Blog

Today I found that this pictures has been selected as one of the best pictures for 2009 in Flickr Blog under the category “rain”.
I got really shocked about this and now I’m really happy. The picture was taken with a simple Canon IXY in a rainy day in Shinjuku, which is one of the biggest urban centers of Tokyo.
I saw the lady in the bike from far away and just tried to catch her in the frame. Taking the camera from the pocket and trying to shot as soon as possible. Fortunately I could take this shot.


Thank you for your comments on Flickr and feed back!

Nikon Festival Contest

Explain your day in 140 seconds! Take part into this Nikon Contest, creating a video about your daily life in only 140 seconds (or less) Do you notice something weird in this number?? Exactly! They are the 140 characters of twitter :)

– You can upload your video till next December 15th

What do you need to win?

1. The video’s quality. This doesn’t mean that you have to shoot it with a professional camera, but some quality counts.
2. It has to be original.
3. Your hability to capture your daily life in just 140 seconds.

Beware with the following toxic thought: “My life is too boring to shoot a video about it”, or “who would be interested in what I do?” All of us have something to tell. Our life is unique and original.

By the way, it doesn’t matter the equipment you use. You don’t need your camera to be a Nikon, even your iPhone is okay. The important thing is that you follow the contest rules.