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Asakusa Waterfall with ND filter

Picture made with a Canon G11, a point-and-shoot camera, using a small tripod and the incorporated ND filter. You need an ND filter to get this motion blur effect on water during day light. It just reduces the amount of light coming to the film/sensor. Don’t confuse it with the f-stop. In fact as a parameter to measure the “darkness” of the filter, an equivalent f-stop value is used but the purpose is to indicate the reduction in the amount of light and it doesn’t produce any other effects related to the depth of field.


Picture made at Asakusa Temple. There is a small waterfall, just go and look for it by yourself :)

Asakusa small waterfall

Fighting the wind

Fighting the wind

I was just riding my bicycle on a big bridge. The wind was really strong. I had to stop and go by walk so I thought that it was a good moment to shot a picture.
It was really hard because the wind moved the camera all time so finally I found a way to fix it against the border of the bridge. Fortunately it didn’t fall down to the water ^^;
Shot with a Canon G11

Some night shots with the Canon G11

I really love this camera It’s versatile, small, it has a good quality and a full manual control.

I was riding my bike all around Tokyo, until Odaiba. In these days the weather is really cold here but the air is clean and there is no humidity at all. Perfect for night long exposure shots.
The main problem is to find a place with no vibrations. I didn’t have a tripod this time, but even with that it’s really hard to have a perfectly sharp image. The main reason is because Tokyo is a city with hundreds of subterranean trains, it’s in a seismic country and has a huge amount of traffic. It’s almost impossible to have a vibration zero zone.
The best place is in the top of a big building that absorbs almost all vibrations, and it’s specially made to resist earthquakes, so minimum earth movements remain almost unnoticed.

Canon G11 Review and Pictures

I want to introduce you this piece of tech art called Canon PowerShot G11.
It’s a wonderful compact camera, ready to use at any moment. It’s the perfect choice for pro and amateur who don’t want to carry on a big DSRL.

The main advantages I find in this camera are the size, the low weight and the great functionality in such a small thing. It has the right size, not too big not too small. The weight is enough to keep the camera steady.

Canon G11

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