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Graffiti Japan

Let’s talk about graffiti but not common ones, these are really artistic, amazing and wonderful graffiti existing in Japan and collected in a book: Graffiti Japan by Remo Camerota.
This is an incredible work that took Camerota more than 2 years to complete. It’s a photographic collection of the most amazing graffiti works all over Japan, showing the dedication and artistic talent of their creators and showing, as well, the patience and talented work of a photographer like Camerota.

In this work I could appreciate the instinct that moves the heart of a photographer to show the world which appeared to his eyes. This is the need to express our own feelings trough a light hunting machine as a camera. Camerota is showing here that instinct, that strong need to bring to our eyes what he catches with his own eyes, and what he felt in that moments, walking down hundred of streets all over the Japanese islands.

Here you have some pictures that show just a small part of this great work.