Photographers Rights

photorightsiconx150 Photographers Rights is an application that helps photographers to have an idea about the laws related with photography in different countries. Every country has different regulations and laws about photography, not only about where it is allowed or prohibited to take pictures, but also about copyright.

The idea to create this app was born back in 2011, in a coffee shop in Akihabara, Japan. I was talking with my friend Steve Nagata about technology and photography. I wanted to create a photography related app and he gave me the idea and inspiration to create an app to help photographers with their legal rights around the world. I’m not a lawyer, so I then contacted a legal advisor, Pepi Valderrama to create the content of this application.

Current App Description

Photographers Rights has 5 sections.

1. Countries

This section covers laws and regulations for: USA, Australia, Canada, UK, Japan, Spain, Italy and France. For example you can find information about what kind of laws apply for taking photos of free passengers in UK or taking a photo to a public place in France.

2. Legal

This section covers general legal content that is compatible internationally with almost all countries. Your rights as a photographer, Copyright and Privacy.

3. Contracts

In this section there are sample contracts, ready to use in English, Spanish, Italian and French. You can print them, send by email or save them in other apps, like Good Reader or Dropbox.

4. Questions

In this section you can play common phrases pronounced by native speakers. Questions like “May I take you a picture?” or “Ar you a police officer?” Supported languages are French, Japanese, Spanish, Catalan, Italian, German and even an Austrian dialect. You don’t have to read them, the iPhone will play them for you using a native speaker voice for each language.

5. Shop

In-App purchase eBook about Creative Commons User Manual.