Powered Jacket MK3

Funny video made by Sagawa Electronics, they manufactured only 5 at the moment.
The development of this kind of technology is pretty interesting, specially for elderly or physically disadvantaged people.

Video Link: http://youtu.be/beKkf8Oo0GU
Sagawa electronics (Japanese): http://www.sagawaelectronics.com
Contact form: http://www.sagawaelectronics.com/cgi/sendmail/question/form.html

Devobots available in the App Store!!!

Finally DevoBots is ready for sale in the App Store. Download it here!!

DevoBots App Store

DevoBots is a robot builder and a music synthesizer featuring unreleased Devo music & sounds from their archives. DEVO is an American New Wave band formed in 1972 and since then it has maintained a cult following throughout its existence. It’s not only for DEVO fans, it’s also a nice toy for adults and children, allowing you to create a huge number of robots accompanied with electronic loops recorded back in the 80’s with analog synthesizers.  Continue reading


I took this photo in Tokyo, July 2009. It was inside some some sort of tube in Ariake area, near my office. No photoshop, I just increased contrast and saturation in Lightroom. I used a 18-70mm lens, zooming while exposing. After many attempts this one came out pretty well :)