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The expert

This is a very well made video that shows a common situation faced, not only by engineers but, by almost everybody that has a logical and analytical mind when confronted by people that think they know your job better than … Continue reading

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First impressions about Mavericks

I installed Mavericks over Mountain Lion on a MacBook Air early 2011. Let’s first start with the good stuff I found so far: More disk space. Before the installation I had 22GB free and now I have 34GB free. I … Continue reading

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Radioactive Lenses

I read this article in Petapixel about old radioactive lenses and I realized I have one of them!! So I gave it a try with a portable geiger counter I bought in Japan a couple of years ago. I’m not … Continue reading

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Powered Jacket MK3

Funny video made by Sagawa Electronics, they manufactured only 5 at the moment. The development of this kind of technology is pretty interesting, specially for elderly or physically disadvantaged people. Video Link: Sagawa electronics (Japanese): Contact form:

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Samsung 840 pro for my Mac mini

I have a 2011 Mac mini. It was initially a server model, but I’m not using it as a server anymore. These are the specs: Processor 2 GHz Intel Core i7 Memory 8 GB 1067 MHz DDR3 Graphics  Intel HD … Continue reading

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Interview to Davide Pasca an Indie Developer

I would like to introduce Davide Pasca, another indie developer, a good friend of mine and a real kick ass developer. 1. Davide, give us an intro about you. I’m a guy with a passion for programming, especially computer graphics, … Continue reading

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iOS 6 Maps and the lack of common sense

A lot people is complaining about the missing cities, mistakes, low quality in the new iOS 6 Maps application. In fact, it’s a new app, it’s still a work in progress. I prefer to think about it as a Beta … Continue reading

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