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I took this photo in Tokyo, July 2009. It was inside some some sort of tube in Ariake area, near my office. No photoshop, I just increased contrast and saturation in Lightroom. I used a 18-70mm lens, zooming while exposing. After many attempts this one came out pretty well :)


Simple Shapes

Green Bottle

Sometimes simple shapes create a big impact, just because they are simple, they express simple colors, they express a simple message. Maybe we have so much noise everyday around us and we can find some shelter in simplicity.

This is an Instagram photo. Sometimes we can also take pictures of stuff around food, like bottles, glasses and so forth ;-)



Who are the people reflected in the water? When I took this picture I was thinking about that, what if things where just reversed, the train going in the opposite direction, the majority of people left-handed, keys closing clockwise. I was in the opposite side of the river that goes with the railroad, in Ichigaya station (市ヶ谷駅). Continue reading

Slightly open


Slightly open, it makes the whole difference. A slightly open mouth represents so many things. Is she about to speak, to tell something nice, something wrong? Or is she just about to say something but at the last minute she thought it twice? Or it’s just the prelude for a kiss or something else? It’s up to you, it’s up to me, it’s up to her, it’s imagination, pure fantasy. Whatever it could be, that slightly open mouth means so many things and changes the whole portrait completely. I like to look at it, in direct eye line and I can’t avoid moving down to see her mouth. Maybe that’s why a picture is worth a thousand words.

She prefers to remain anonymous.

Bigger resolution picture in Flickr