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What is hidden in positive statements

I just finished reading The Emotion Machine: Commonsense Thinking, Artificial Intelligence, and the Future of the Human Mind by Marvin Minsky It was a really interesting book which I really recommend. I would like to highlight this part from the … Continue reading

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The challenge of user interfaces simplification

iOS 7 is here. I’ve been using it since the first beta. As far as user interfaces are effective, I don’t care too much about aesthetic, also because it’s totally subjective. What is ugly for you is beautiful for someone … Continue reading

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OSX flat design doesn’t mean cryptic.

Xcode 4.6.x had already some sort of flat design. They removed the colors and everything was flat and grey but at least it had some sort of depth. Look at these screenshots: Xcode 4.6.x Now look at the new Xcode … Continue reading

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Devobots available in the App Store!!!

Finally DevoBots is ready for sale in the App Store. Download it here!! DevoBots is a robot builder and a music synthesizer featuring unreleased Devo music & sounds from their archives. DEVO is an American New Wave band formed in … Continue reading

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Precautions before creating a server dependent mobile application

A server costs money. Not only the monthly rate you have to pay to keep it alive, also maintenance and system administration takes time, so it takes money. If you plan to develop an app that uses a server to … Continue reading

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Making your app free or paid

Before making your app free-ad based or paid, or both, it’s better to spend some time thinking about how people will use your app. Ads need a network connection and need to be visible. Your app has to be used … Continue reading

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Best iOS development books and references

After reading many books about iOS development, these are the ones that I found most useful and enlightening. Apple documentation is very good as well, but, unfortunately, they don’t have an easy progressive path. It’s more like a modular, self … Continue reading

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