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Nikon D700 review

This camera is not a hot new gear from Nikon, it was produced in July 2008 and until now my D200 worked perfectly. But when time came to make a change, the D700 was the perfect choice. This camera is just amazing! ISO, weight, ergonomics, performance, battery life, just a really good piece of hardware! I got it just one week ago, and these are my first impressions.

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Pentax K-X review

Pentax really shocked me this time. I’m really happy with this camera, it’s amazing, indeed. I would have never imagined that for such a cheap price I could have such a great camera. Of course it has bad things too, but almost none of those “bad” things have a direct impact to the final results, that, by the way, is the most important thing! :)

This is not a pro camera, it’s an entry level one. But to be honest, you can have the same performance as many pro equipments. This camera has really full set of options, a big manual to read and a really huge menu to configure almost anything. BUT the great thing is that Pentax K-X has options for people that don’t know anything about photography as well. It’s possible to use it in automatic and never enter in the menu. This is a great thing and a big challenge at the same time: “How to make a camera that will make a pro feel comfortable and an amateur feel that an DSRL is not hard to use.”

Before introducing the details, here you have a quick description.

Good: Pentax K-X is good for night photography, it has a wonderful ISO competitive with high end pro cameras. It’s fast to focus, is light and easy to carry. It has a nice design, it takes the advantage of doing video with a DSRL, it’s compatible with almost all Pentax lenses, even the very old ones. It’s completely configurable and, at the same time, extremely easy to use. It’s good for pro and amateur. It has a really good price!!

Bad: It’s noisy, the plastic is good, strong but cheap. The menu design is ugly but at least really functional. It lacks of video and HDMI output.

Pentax k-x

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Canon G11 Review and Pictures

I want to introduce you this piece of tech art called Canon PowerShot G11.
It’s a wonderful compact camera, ready to use at any moment. It’s the perfect choice for pro and amateur who don’t want to carry on a big DSRL.

The main advantages I find in this camera are the size, the low weight and the great functionality in such a small thing. It has the right size, not too big not too small. The weight is enough to keep the camera steady.

Canon G11

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Graffiti Japan

Let’s talk about graffiti but not common ones, these are really artistic, amazing and wonderful graffiti existing in Japan and collected in a book: Graffiti Japan by Remo Camerota.
This is an incredible work that took Camerota more than 2 years to complete. It’s a photographic collection of the most amazing graffiti works all over Japan, showing the dedication and artistic talent of their creators and showing, as well, the patience and talented work of a photographer like Camerota.

In this work I could appreciate the instinct that moves the heart of a photographer to show the world which appeared to his eyes. This is the need to express our own feelings trough a light hunting machine as a camera. Camerota is showing here that instinct, that strong need to bring to our eyes what he catches with his own eyes, and what he felt in that moments, walking down hundred of streets all over the Japanese islands.

Here you have some pictures that show just a small part of this great work.

Installed RockBox on and old iPod

This is nothing new. Anyway, for the people that do not know RockBox it’s a free and open source replacement of the software used by many iPods and other MP3 players.
Actually I like it more than the original Apple software. The battery lives longer, I can play OggVorbis, play retro games, read PDF, install themes, change fonts and so forth.

Some pictures: