About me

Pietro ZucoHi my name is Pietro Zuco. I’m a mobile software developer based in Brighton (UK). I have 5+ years of experience developing apps for iPhone/iPad/OSX and 10+ years of experience as a developer and system administrator. I lived and worked more than 6 years in Tokyo, immersed in a full Japanese technological corporative working environment. I’m a problem solver.

Areas of specialization:


  • Positioning apps in the app store.
  • Advising on UXD (user experience design).
  • Understanding the Japanese business mentality and culture in the technology field.


I develop for iOS/(iPhone/iPad), OSX(Mac). I have experience developing 2D games, utilities, educational and entertainment applications.


I have experience installing and configuring LAMP servers (Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP) and applications for web based solutions.

More personal information about me here