Review: Snapheal app for Mac

Snapheal logo This is a simple and nice app that can save you a lot of time retouching unwanted elements in your photos. It also lets you retouch and enhance your pictures, but the most interesting feature is the “erase” button that allows you to magically erase disturbing objects.

Let’s see how it works:

The following image is just fine, but what if I want to eliminate one of the flying torches.

The interface is pretty simple and intuitive to use:

interface snapheal

Select the object with the brush tool and click ERASE!

selected snapheal

working snapheal
removed snapheal As you can see I did a bad selection, it wasn’t even close to the shape of the object I wanted to delete. Even though Snapheal was able to remove it and the results were not bad at all. If my selection were more accurate, the results would have been even much precise.  There are three erasing modes. Just try them until you get the best results. In this case I used the wormhole mode.

Two more tests. This time removing people from a landscape. For the original images, here and here.

bell snapheal

bell snapheal bell snapheal

For the next one after the removal I just have to use the clone tool a little and the results are pretty good:



castleremovedSome clone tool and done!


If you don’t want to spend for image editors like photoshop, Snapheal could be a good solution. It’s cheaper and easier to use. It also has a retouch tab with mask editing like Lightroom and also an adjust panel for enhancements. This is not a image management software like LightRoom or Aperture, but it offers a good set of editing tools good for beginners and professionals. The removal tool is really cool anyway :)

Go to Snapheal’s web for more examples and information:

Also check its potential for artistic editing here: