iOS 6 Maps and the lack of common sense

A lot people is complaining about the missing cities, mistakes, low quality in the new iOS 6 Maps application. In fact, it’s a new app, it’s still a work in progress. I prefer to think about it as a Beta version, just to avoid my disappointment to grow.

Once upon a time, the closest thing to a Map on a computer was a static low resolution image. There were atlas applications and geographic encyclopaedias but nothing compared to Google Maps. In fact, Google Maps was an amazing step forward on online maps and we all enjoyed using it. Everybody accepted it as a beta, as a working in progress, something that still has to evolve and that will get better during the years. Finally, we have a powerful tool which has no rival around. Google Maps is just the best we can get for free!

What about iOS 6 Maps? Here is the big mistake and lack of common sense from Apple. Maybe Maps technology has a great potential, and maybe it’s even better than Google Maps. I’m not in the condition to judge which technology is better. But let’s assume, for example, that Apple Maps technology is better than Google’s one. The huge mistake Apple is doing here is an important one: you cannot replace a complete product, in production with millions of people relying on it, by an incomplete, immature, still under-development product!!

This is a totally lack of common sense. It’s like I replace your fuel car, which has more than 100 years of evolution, with a prototype of some new “four-wheeled-like” vehicle. Even if Apple Maps could be much better than Google Maps, it’s not ready yet!

So, Apple Maps is not a bad app, in fact, I personally think it has a lot of potential and, perhaps, it can be even better than Google Maps. But they should release it as a work in progress, together with Google Maps app, so that people can get used to it. Maybe announcing that Apple Maps will be released as a default Maps application on iOS 7! Not now!

Look at Siri, they did it in the right way. First it was like a toy, with some useful capabilities, then they released it in different languages, then they added more options. Siri learnt, Siri evolved during this time. I think that Siri will be fully functional after another two mayor releases of iOS, let’s say iOS 8 maybe. That’s fine, nobody relays on Siri, yet.

In this link you can find tons of examples of the “still a work in progress” iOS 6 Maps that replaced the “mature and reliable Google Maps that everybody used…”