Some night shots with the Canon G11

I really love this camera It’s versatile, small, it has a good quality and a full manual control.

I was riding my bike all around Tokyo, until Odaiba. In these days the weather is really cold here but the air is clean and there is no humidity at all. Perfect for night long exposure shots.
The main problem is to find a place with no vibrations. I didn’t have a tripod this time, but even with that it’s really hard to have a perfectly sharp image. The main reason is because Tokyo is a city with hundreds of subterranean trains, it’s in a seismic country and has a huge amount of traffic. It’s almost impossible to have a vibration zero zone.
The best place is in the top of a big building that absorbs almost all vibrations, and it’s specially made to resist earthquakes, so minimum earth movements remain almost unnoticed.

Chiyoda ku

This place is near the Imperial Palace in Tokyo. I just stopped with my bike and took this pic.
The water gets no replacement… so I really don’t want to imagine to dive into it…


View from one of the bridges that connects Tokyo to Odaiba (an artificial zone made with recycled trash).


Cropped version :)


I like to desaturate certain zones of a photograph to express the feelings representing the desaturated and the colored zone. I didn’t want to continue because I already ride too many up and down bridges after a long day riding my bicycle.