What is photography?

Photography is the only art capable of capturing the Present from the stream of the river of time; from which we can only grasp the constant flow of Past and Future.

I think that this is Photography. Compared to other arts, Photography is capable of capturing the flying instant, the concept of instant in the time, the fixed and never-changing moment of reality. Photography breaks the stream of the world we live in; it stops the process of mutation and transformation of reality. It lets us open a window to something that is present but that we are not able to capture by ourselves because we are only able to sense the constant stream of the river of time and its main events.

Every time I look at a photo, in that moment I’m looking at something that I will never see again. Something that even being in that moment and in that place, I would have never been able to see it as it is captured, because it is happening or it stopped happening. In the moment something is, it stops being so. The Present does not exist for us, only Past and imminent Future, only a stream. The camera lives in another time, it is born and dies during the moments when light crosses it. After that, the silence. Everything ends and only something called photo is left, something that stores the instant, the invisible moment, but present for us.

Compared to other arts, the Photography is able to play with reality using the reality itself, the world and the universe as they are, seen from one of the unique and infinite possible points of view.

Now I feel Better :)