Tokyo time lapse video’s collection

Here you have a collection of videos of Tokyo using the Time Lapse technique. It makes the time move faster, showing a new reality around us. Soon I’ll post a tutorial about this technique.

I create this collection, from links I found in twitter following @dannychoo, @stevenagata, @FrankieBit Google and Youtube.

Miniature City


Time Lapse in YOKOHAMA

Tokyo Timelapse

Tokyo Timelapse from nubero on Vimeo.

35 years Shinjuku in 35 seconds

Amazing video, showing the huge changes of Shinuku area in the latest 35 years.

Tokyo urban riders

time lapse . tokyo urban riders from Dmitry Kiyono on Vimeo.

HDR time-lapse Tokyo

HDR time-lapse Tokyo from Toshiro on Vimeo.

If you find more videos, please share in the comments :)