Nikon Festival Contest

Explain your day in 140 seconds! Take part into this Nikon Contest, creating a video about your daily life in only 140 seconds (or less) Do you notice something weird in this number?? Exactly! They are the 140 characters of twitter :)

– You can upload your video till next December 15th

What do you need to win?

1. The video’s quality. This doesn’t mean that you have to shoot it with a professional camera, but some quality counts.
2. It has to be original.
3. Your hability to capture your daily life in just 140 seconds.

Beware with the following toxic thought: “My life is too boring to shoot a video about it”, or “who would be interested in what I do?” All of us have something to tell. Our life is unique and original.

By the way, it doesn’t matter the equipment you use. You don’t need your camera to be a Nikon, even your iPhone is okay. The important thing is that you follow the contest rules.