Gundam and pixelmator

This was my last visit to the Gundam located in Odaiba (Tokyo) I don’t know what they are going to do with it.
Maybe they will destroy it or send it to some recycle process? Personally I would love if they left it there, only two months…
It could become like a symbol, something that people can visit over and over again, a place where geeks and otakus will love to go for a picnic, to drink beer at night or just to try to find some moral and spiritual support in a difficult moment of life. Just imagine, it could become like an object of cult and devotion… Well I’m going too far away with this…

These are the latest pics I took to it and they got modified with Pixelmator.
I will talk about this wonderful application. Of course it’s not at the same level as photoshop but it’s really powerful for a reasonable price. I just applied a simple filter after post process it in Lightroom


Digital Gundam

After apply Edge filter on Pixelmator, increase exposure and change colors to green. I like the effect. I’ll use this filter for many other pics I had, the effect is quite impressive.

Gundam's hand

It’s amazing the level of details. They built every aspect of Gundam.
Japanese are so good to reproduce until the minimum detail.

The whole set of Gundam pictures here

Previous post about it.

This is the last post I’ll talk about it, I promise (maybe…) I hope they repeat this again, nowadays materials and technology provides us with the tools and skills to reproduce big sized objects with a great detailed level and people love that kind of things!