Yuruyuru night

Yesterday I got the information from Danny Choo about an event, and I went to A971 cafe for a press event, the Good Design Expo in collaboration with YuruYuru Gadget Night.

There was a lot of people and it was pretty hot. Well I was sweating, maybe it was just me, anyway it was really crowded.

Excellent free food for everybody!

And free drinks also! I took 4 Carlsberg and one glass of red wine. I have to admit that at the end I had some alcoholic happy feeling ^^;

yuruyuru night

This is a really nice gadget. It’s Chumby an internet radio player, digital picture frame, alarm clock and more. It’s based on Linux. An all in one gadget!

Here we can see Steve. He is just an amazing guy. Maybe you cannot see it in the picture, but he had a bag full of electronic gadgets and a really cool combination. He was taking pictures and intermediately uploaded to his flickr account Then he plugged his own Chumby with a portable power source and sharing his emobile connection with a wireless router the Chumby updated constantly with his uploads. Everything he did was just live at a real time!

A nice girl with her personalized poken. I have to log in in my poken account and check her name ;)

Eye-Fi memory cards was also there. Wireless SSD cards. Everything you save in it will be automatically transfered. Nice to get live content uploaded.

This is a cool gadget. You can look at it as a TV. It reads the feed from the web and shows twitter updates, weather updates and so forth. Its design comes from the company of the picture bellow:

Rana Design

And finally this is Danny’s daughter: Mirai Figma. She was that night posing for the photographers.