First week at Malaga

It’s already 5 days since I came to Malaga.
I spent many years in this city but now it’s almost 3 years that I didn’t get out from Japan so the shock is pretty hard. I realize that I have a lot of Japanese habits that I use everyday at Tokyo that are total nonsense in this environment.
These are some of the Japanese things I’m doing these days:

1. Try to make a reverence every time I say thank you or I apologize.

2. Apologize for actions that here, do not deserve any.

3. Miss the “irasshaimase” every time I enter in a restaurant. Stop at the entrance of the restaurant waiting for the waiter to guide me to my table. I just forgot that it’s the client the one that have to look for a table.

4. Explain to the waiter that I don’t smoke and see his face of “Ok fine, may I do something about that?”

5. When time to pay comes, I tried to go to the cash corner to pay. I just forgot that I have to pay in the table.

6. At 23:00 I wish to eat something and the idea was “let’s go to the cobini and buy something…” there are no conbini at all.

7. Mix Japanese words in daily conversation like: sumimasen, chotto, eeto, deshou?, daijoubu, so so, …ne?, sugoi!, hai, hai, hai….

8. I forgot that I have to bring a bottle of water because there are no “jidouhanbaiki” (drink spending machines) at every corner.

9. Remember that robber exist and that I can not go on the street with my wallet in the back pocket or the camera pending from my neck walking on every street.

10. Realize that the bus is not the train at Tokyo and I can enter slowly without the typical rush of everyday.

I still have a couple of weeks to spend around here.

Some pictures of this week

Fanta Exotic

First we had to stop one night at Copenhagen. I found this fanta at a conbini seven eleven at Copenhagen in front the main train station.


Some tourism.


Dawn and ready to go to Malaga.

Copenhagen Airport

Bye bye Copenhagen


First day at Málaga.


A turn around in the downtown to see what changed in these years.



This guy tried to ask me 1 euro because I took a pic of him.

Guardia Civil

The city protector.


I think the port grown up since the last time.


No comment…


Arabian dancer.


Deep look.




Constitution square.